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Bead Bazooka 9L Bead Seating Tool

Gaither Bead Bazooka 9L capacity


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Gaither Bead Bazooka 9L capacity

Most powerful automatic release system available in any bead-seating device
Mid size tank allows for easier handling
Light weight (5.5 kg) reduces stress on the technician
Push-button trigger allows technician to keep both hands on the tank for more control, making safer than manual release tanks
“Slotted” Double Barrel directs the air for best overall lift
Fully CE & ASME certified
Patent-pending design, patent-pending RAR system and registered trademark
Gaither’s revolutionary Bead Bazooka™ combines the unique rapid air release technology and easiest-to-handle tank for seating tubeless tire beads. Simply fill the tank, aim the redesigned Double Barrel, and FIRE!!

The instantaneous blast of air from the 9 litre tank will work on trucks, passenger, 4wd and AG tyres.

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 60 × 20 × 50 cm


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