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Wheel Lift for Tyre Changer

Pneumatic Tyre Lift for Tyre Changer

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Bright’s wheel lift, is the easy lifting solution for heavy tyre and wheel combinations. Save your tyre fitters’ backs.

This wheel lift easily fits beside your tyre changing machine, reducing workplace fatigue and minimising lifting injuries from lifting heavy wheels and tyres. Foot pedal controlled, quickly raises your wheel and tyre for easy mounting on the turntable of the tyre changer.  The pneumatic wheel lift handles wheels up to 80 kg. Space saving design easily fits in your shop or garage.

Tyre fitting machine not included.
Requires air supply.

Working pressure: 8-10bar
Safe lifting capacity: 70kg
Lifting height: 770mm
Equipment weight: 42kg

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 65 × 55 × 50 cm



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