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Car Tyre Changer Machine Maintenance

IMPORTANT: Before carrying out any maintenance work, be sure to disconnect the power supply and air source, and exhaust the residual air in the machine.

Water and oil

Observe the working state and oil level of the FRL frequently to ensure that the water filtering function and the oil lubrication function are normal, and add oil in time; After stepping on the foot pedal 3-4 times, the oil produces one drop, if not, use the top screw to adjust. Professional ISO VG viscosity ISO HG grade oil must be used for lubricating compressed air. Regularly remove water and impurities in the water cup of the water separator. After the air source is cut off, FRL will automatically remove debris from the water cup.


  • Regularly tighten the screws on the worktable, including the center fixing bolt, jaw fixing bolt, slider cover fixing bolt, etc.;
  • After each day clean the turntable, remove mud, sand, water and other debris, and apply lithium-based grease on the slide;
  • Clean the piston rod of the small cylinder regularly
  • Regularly check and adjust the tension of the belt

Check all connections and tighten loose bolts

Clean the pedal assembly

Regularly clean the oil on the silencer on the pedal assembly to keep the exhaust smooth.

Pneumatic tilt back model

  • Apply lubricating oil to the horizontal shaft, hexagonal shaft and other rotatable parts regularly.
  • If there is too much dirt on the parts, use diesel oil to clean the hexagonal shaft and the horizontal shaft, use engine oil lubricating;

  • Regularly adjust the lock plate clearance
  • Regularly adjust the locking plate clearance
  • Regularly adjust the clearance of the hexagonal bushing

Adjust the fixing screws of the column base regularly;

Swing arm model

  • Regularly lubricate the hexagonal shaft with engine oil, if there is too much dust, it can be cleaned with diesel oil
  • Regularly adjust the clearance of the hexagonal locking plate
  • Regularly adjust the clearance of the hexagonal bushing

Assist arm

  • Regularly lubricate the guide rail with lithium base grease
  • Regularly adjust the clearance of the moving seat
  • Clean the moving shaft regularly and lubricate with motor oil
  • Regularly clean and adjust the lead screw and lubricate with motor oil

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