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Truck Tyre Changer Maintenance

IMPORTANT: Before performing any maintenance work, be sure to disconnect the power and air supply.

  • Clean the chuck regularly, check and tighten all bolts.
  • Pay attention to keep the guide rails clean, and apply oil to ensure good lubrication.
  • The hydraulic power unit should use hydraulic oil with anti-wear viscosity grade ISO 32. DO NOT use other oils with different chemical properties. The hydraulic oil should be replaced every 800 hours or 12 months. Failure to replace the oil may result in damage to the hydraulic components.
  • Check the oil level of the hydraulic power unit, keep it at the correct level, and add wear-resistant hydraulic oil accordingly.
  • Check the gearbox oil regularly (three months), add 320# gear oil, fill the oil level to over half of the round oil window.
  • Check and adjust the tension of the belt regularly.
  • Do not operate the hydraulic cylinder to the maximum limit position, doing so may result in life of each internal seal.

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